Clipping Mask Tutorial

Clipping masks are one of the ways you can add images/textures/digital papers to storyboards, photo frames and text. They might sound complicated, but they are so simple once you figure out how to use them.
There are two common ways you can create photo storyboards. Some of my storyboards are simple png files that have cutouts for your images. You drag your image under the frame and resize the image to fit. This is a sample of that type of storyboard. These are very useful because you can open them in most editing programs, but for more complex storyboards with multiple image cutouts it is so much easier to add images using clipping masks. If you use clipping masks you don’t have to worry about cropping your image to fit behind a storyboard.

Today I am going to show you how to add images to storyboards using clipping masks in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. I have also written an action that does all of the work for you, and you can read the instructions and download it here.

Clipping Mask Tutorial for Photoshop and PSE

Source: The CoffeeShop Blog: Clipping Mask Tutorial


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