Crochet a Vintage 1973 Poncho Shawl

Let’s go back to the 1970’s for a moment, and check out this awesome crocheted shawl modeled by beauty Veronica Hamel, actress and model, and producer, known for Lost and Hill Street Blues (TV Series), among a slew of other great film and TV.

Veronica is wearing one the staples of the 1970’s, the crocheted shawl!  

The shawl has been a fashion survivor through the ages, especially seen in the last 300 years as a necessity for warmth, and a fashion statement. Shawls have always been associated with delicate natures, one reason why it was also very popular in the 1960’s.

I’ll bet many of you reading this now, had a wonderful Mother, or Grandmother who loved to crochet you wonderful, rare, and one of a kind shawls. I know I did. Now you can return the favor, Pay it forward to a loved one in the upcoming fall and holiday seasons, or love yourself by crocheting a memory of your special crafting loved one.  In any case, here is a great pattern for you to use as your guide!

If you create something from this pattern, I would love to see it, feel free to come back and post pics of your creations so we can all love them too!

Source: Musings from Marilyn » Crochet a Vintage 1973 Granny Square Fringed Poncho


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